"I have this lovely old chair and wondered if you could help...?"

If you have your grandmother’s old chair that needs some love and attention or you have found a real vintage gem that needs restoring, please do get in touch. You can send me an email with a picture of your chair so I can provide you with an estimate.

Please bear in mind that I am currently operating a six month waiting list.

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Old chairs...

In our world of mass production and the ‘disposable’ – its easy to forget that there are still things in our homes that can be mended, and restored to provide us with countless years of use. 

Old chairs are wonderfully different – each with their own characteristics and quirks. Once re-upholstered, they become beautiful bespoke pieces of furniture.


Recent commissions

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    Victorian Armchair

    Jo's lovely old arm chair was a favourite chair but it had become very uncomfortable and had to be used with lots of extra cushions.

    Jo chose a beautiful fabric by St Judes called 'Wren' in ocre. As well as beautiful new cover, the chair received a new hand sprung and stitched traditional seat and some added padding & support added to the back and arms. 

    Its now being enjoyed by everyone again including Jo's beautiful whippets! 

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      1950's Howard Keith chairs

      Mandy and Dave inherited these 50's Howard Keith chair from a favourite Aunt so they held real sentimental value. They are also very collectible!

      They were keen to return them to their former glory but needed to be able to withstand life with dogs and grandchildren.  

      They chose a lovely blue green wool felt called Synergy by Camira which really suit the chairs and will be very hard wearing.

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        Victorian 2 seater sofa

        Alison & Steve bought their Victorian drop-arm sofa over 30 years ago in London for £50 and when it became worn out after years of use, they decided to invest in this beauty rather than replace it with a new one. 

        It was cqrrefully rebuilt with traditional upholstery and covered in a sustainable wool & flax fabric by Camira, plus new plump feather cushions!